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what is <移動式神主牌yí dòng shì shén zhǔ pái>?

In Taiwan, people may say<移動式神主牌Yí dòng shì shénzhǔ pái>, google translate won’t help you there! JL mandarin School can explain it to you!

English------------explication en français en bas----------

<移動式神主牌Yí dòng shì shén zhǔ pái>

(we could say that these kinds of people are <移動式神主牌Yí dòng shì shénzhǔ pái>)


It refers to someone who doesn’t care about their safety and does something dangerous enough to cause death on the street, especially when they are driving or walking. It’s like a spirit tablet walking on the street.

<移動式 yí dòng shì>


<神主牌 shén zhǔ pái>

The spirit tablet is a tablet on which, in traditional Chinese culture, we inscribe the name of a past ancestor. It’s a form of veneration; it’s commonly seen in temples, shrines.