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How to say <Rolling one’s eyes> in Mandarin? Comment on dit <Rouler les yeux > en manda

<翻白眼> <對someone翻白眼>

[fān bái yǎn] [duì ....fān bái yǎn]

<Rolling one’s eyes (at someone)>

<Rouler les yeux (à quelqu'un) >

English---------explication en français en bas--------

Do you know how to say “roll one’s eyes” in Mandarin?

In Taiwan, when we face a situation which makes us feel helpless and impatient, normally we don’t know what to say and how to express our feelings. In this case, we will just say “我要翻白眼了” (Wǒ yào fān bái yǎn le)

翻白眼[fān bái yǎn] / <對someone翻白眼>[duì ....fān bái yǎn] can be used in different situation:

<1.> joking/ between close friends

Ex: A: 你不覺得我最帥了嗎?[Nǐ bù juédé wǒ zuì shuàile ma?]

(Don’t you think that I’m the handsomest ?)

B: 我要翻白眼了。[Wǒ yào fānbáiyǎnle]

( I want to roll my eyes [at you].)

Ex: A: 他每次都說他自己最帥了![Tā měi cì dōu shuō tā zì jǐ zuì shuài le!]

(He always says that he is the handsomest!)

B: 天啊!我要翻白眼了,我才最帥吧!