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<Industry (1) > 產業(chǎnyè)

<Industry (1) > 產業(chǎnyè) ---français en bas----

👉️Which field do you work in ? Let’s learn how to introduce your industry.

🔊Dialogue 🅰️你從事什麼產業?

Nǐ cóngshì shénme chǎnyè? (Which field do you work in?)


Wǒ cóngshì yínháng yè, nǐ ne? (I am in banking, and you?)

🅰️我從事+__教育__。Wǒ cóngshì jiàoyù (I am working in education.)

▶️從事(cóng shì )=engage in ▶️產業(chǎnyè)= industry ▶️❗業(yè )=industry (when you want to specify the industry,

you can omit the 產(chǎn), but add the name of the industry instead )

ex : 醫療(Yīliáo ) medical + 業(yè) industry

= medical industry

---français en bas----

Vous travaillez dans quel domaine? Voici quelques domaines populaires. Travaillez-vous dans ces domaines là?