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What's the difference between 蝦仁(Xiārén)、蝦子(xiāzi) and 蝦米(xiāmǐ)

Quelle est la différence entre 蝦仁(xiārén), 蝦子(xiāzi) et 蝦米(xiāmǐ)?

----français en bas---

Do you like to eat shrimp? Do you know the difference between 蝦仁(Xiārén)、蝦子(xiāzi) and 蝦米(xiāmǐ)?

Actually, 蝦子(xiāzi) is what we call shrimp in general. Normally, it’s the whole shrimp with the shell.

蝦仁(Xiārén), 仁(rén) here means “kernel”. The kernel of shrimp, it means unshelled shrimp.

In 蝦米(xiāmǐ) , 米(mǐ) means “rice”. The size of shrimps as small as rice, it means “dried shrimp” which is used very often in Chinese cuisine.

Now, you know why we always say <Fried rice with shrimps> 蝦仁炒飯(Xiārén chǎofàn) instead of 蝦子炒飯(xiāzi chǎofàn), because obviously no one wants to peel shrimps while  eating fried rice!