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You may see those expressions often on your Taiwanese friends' social media.
Let's learn how to use it!

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Do you know how to say “roll one’s eyes” in Mandarin?

In Taiwan, when we face a situation which makes us feel helpless and impatient, normally we don’t know what to say and how to express our feelings...know more


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In Taiwan, people may say<移動式神主牌Yí dòng shì shén zhǔ pái>, It refers to someone who doesn’t care about their safety and does something dangerous enough to cause death on the street, especially when they are driving or walking. It’s like a spirit tablet walking on the street...more

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Literally, «你有事嗎? » means “Do you have things (to do)?” It often means “Are you available?”

But it also means “what’s wrong with you?”

...know more

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