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Junior program

Fun and Challenging

Demographics: students who are 5~17 years old and who are studying in international schools in Taiwan.

Help with Mandarin homework and/or help with preparing for Mandarin language exams.

This is an ideal program for students studying in international schools such as Taipei European School or Taipei American School. I have had students of various backgrounds.


In some instances, one of the parents is Taiwanese; in which case, the student usually has some basic knowledge of Mandarin already.  I can accommodate special requests (ie. Mandarin proverbs, idioms, writing skills, etc.), and I usually give more challenging material, while trying to keep it as fun as possible.


In other instances, I have had non-Taiwanese students studying in international schools struggling with their Mandarin classes. I can help them catch up to their peers. Regardless of the situation, I design lessons that pique the student’s interest in learning Mandarin.


Every lesson is custom tailored for the individual needs of the student. Depending on the situation, I have , for instance, used Zhuyin (BoPoMoFo), and in others, I have used Pinyin. I have also used elementary school Mandarin textbooks (康軒、翰林), or I have completely created my own curriculum based on the student's learning style.




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