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Online Program

Have you ever had this experience?

You came to Taiwan or China to learn Mandarin. Once you finished the program at the language school and went back to your country, as time went by, you realized one day that, unfortunately, it was hard to continue to learn by yourself or to keep the same level that you had. Not only for learning Mandarin, but learning any other language, we always have to face the same problem.


Thanks to the Internet, now, we can continue to learn without having to travel.

JLMS offers an online program. Besides learning grammar, vocabulary, the most important thing is to know how to use all that you have learned and use it correctly. JLMS' online program focuses on “speaking and listening”.

learning without distance 

  1. Learn Mandarin in the comfort of your home.

  2. Using a variety of software, and by playing educational games, these dynamic lessons will make your online lessons more interesting

  3. Choose lessons online. Easy to reschedule

  • Beginner: after discussing your goals of learning, JL will make the learning material to meet your needs.

  • Intermediate: Topic discussion, picture storytelling

  • Advanced: Topic discussion, political, economic, current affairs articles.

  • For more customized lessons, please contact JLMS :)

Picture storytelling <看圖說故事>

Through this exercise, you have to create your own sentences to describe your observation, trying to use grammar and vocabulary as correctly as possible.

Topic Discussion <主題討論>

JLMS has more than 200 topics which are everyday and controversial topics. (such as sharing economy, freedom of speech,climate change, leadership, and dating…etc.)

The goal of this exercise is to use all your vocabulary and knowledge of grammar to express your thoughts. At the same time, Jenny Lin will correct your sentences and teach you new grammar and/or vocabulary.  


Why is it important? 


I want you to be able to express yourself in common day situations, using the many topic discussions that I have created. This way, you can talk to your friends about your interests, your weekend plans, etc. This is how we make friends.

Current affairs articles <時事新聞>

Test Preparation <考試準備>



**Please note:

Minimum 60 mins/ lesson

Once you confirm the program, to ensure your place in JLMS’s schedule, please make a minimum payment of 4 lessons before you begin your course. 

* how to register

* Click here for more details..

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