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Swing Dance

  • what is swing dance?

"Swing dance" is a general term that refers to various dance styles that developed with the Swing style of jazz music in the 1920s-1940s. 

  • Why learn swing dance?

Over the past few years, Swing Dance has become more and more popular in Taiwan. In the Taiwanese Swing Dance scene, people come from all walks of life. People who have never danced before will easily find many welcoming opportunities to learn.

Most of them are open-minded, enthusiastic, and welcoming. It's a way to make more local friends, and get the chance to practice your Mandarin.


Your first step into Lindy World with us! 
Lindy Island Swing Studio, a new-born studio, gives all our heart to promote swing dance and everything about it

Here, we have the biggest swing studio in Taiwan. 

Address: B1, No.5 Lane 553, Sec.3 NanJing E. Rd. Taipei


Big Apple is a professional swing studio in Taipei, they regularly invite international swing dancers to give workshops in Taipei. They also own the first "Swing Studio" in Taiwan.

Come dance with us and make more locals friends who will show you the real local life in Taiwan.




​日舞˙ 台南 Sun Dance Tainan

Sun Dance.Tainan (old town swing dance club) was founded by Ray and Michelle in June 2017. The two organizers have been dancing for more than 5 years and had a lot of experience on hosting events/ parties and workshops. The goal of the club is to promote swing dance and create a friendly dancing environment for dancers. If you know swing dance, please join us; if you don't, come learn it. You will be addicted to it. It's a happy dance and good for your body and soul.

Let's Swing Dance in Tainan



Social Dance

In Taipei, every week, you can dance almost everyday!

Here, we will show you the regular social dance events.

If sometimes you don't feel like dancing, no problem, just come, it's nice to meet people and see friends :-)

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