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Jazz Jam Session

As a fan of jazz music or a jazz musician, it's always nice to meet local musicians.
Here we will tell you in which bar or where to meet local musicians.
It's time to practice two languages, playing music and Mandarin, at the same time :-)

​BobwunDaye 嘸問題

A real pub in Taipei! Eat, Drink, Love, and Live Music!

Cool Wednesday Jam

Tel: +886 2 2377 1772

Address:  No.77, Sec.3, Heping East. Road , Taipei

Open: 18:00 - 02:00

Sappho Live Jazz

Sappho Live is a cool, friendly, laid back music venue with the finest in jazz/blues/world music and all night jam sessions, a dance floor...more

Tel: +886 2 2700 5411

Address: B1, No.1 Lane 102, An-He Street Taipei 

WebSite: http://www.sappholive

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