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March 2018-

Oskar T.

Learning Chinese with Jenny is a joy. She somehow manages to make each session into a natural conversation, just like one you would have in your native language. Not only that, she combines this with grammar and vocabulary at your level on a just in time basis, which is when you are the most receptive to it and can apply it straight away.

My spoken ability has exploded since I started learning Chinese with her. While we've focused mostly on speaking, the times we've practiced reading she exhibits the same uncanny ability: She knows the exact right time to interrupt or give you a small hint, letting you stretch yourself for a bit without getting frustrated. This leads to the maximum amount of aha-moments per session, far beyond what I've had with other teachers. And these moments are when you truly learn.

The most important thing: With Jenny you can focus 100% on speaking and listening, and she takes care of the rest. There's no second-guessing or wasted effort involved. Whenever you have a question about some subtlety, she can pretty much always give an accurate answer on the spot. The few times she doesn't know something, she looks it up and gets back to you immediately with a detailed explanation.

If you want the most fun and effective way to learn Mandarin, use Jenny. It's a no-brainer (assuming there's still room in her schedule!). Well worth the price.


Shenghuo Technology Ltd

Shenghuo Technology Ltd


August 2016~hitherto

Since 2016, our company Shenghuo Technology Ltd has assigned JLMS into providing executive onsite individual mandarin language classes. Some of the courses contents were targeting advanced Technical & Business mandarin, others merely daily life mandarin for beginner. The satisfaction of our employees rated very high, as a result it is with no hesitation that we recommend the JLMS high quality mandarin teaching experience to companies, foreigners in Taiwan, early beginners or advanced learners wanting to learn mandarin both for business or leisure.


Karl R.

Louisville, Kentucky, USA    


May 2017 (now he is taking online lessons)

I would like to offer my strong recommendations of Jenny Lin as a Tutor in Mandarin. I worked with Jenny during my one month stay in Taiwan.  We met three times a week.  I found that Jenny was really easy to work with.  She was well prepared, had a good sense of humor, and was extremely patient with me as I struggled to get the right words, pronunciation and word order.  Most of all she was fun to work with.   Our sessions were very enjoyable.  She has a good ability to teach Mandarin speaking skills.  She had creative lessons and was able to help me practice and engage in conversation in ways that were very beneficial.  Her teaching skills are very strong and she would be an asset to any student desiring to learn better Mandarin skills.



Markus M.


May-July 2017

During my long career as a Swiss diplomat I was learning many languages.
Chinese is by far the most challenging of them.
Jenny is my teacher here in Taipei since three weeks.
She combines in my view the following aspects of competence:
- She has a very solid and professional  teaching background and her knowledge of French and Englisch makes communication easy, when my Chinese is getting to its limits;
- Jenny has the rare capacity to tune her courses right away to my interest and level and can focus at the same time on the most useful and pragmatic teaching content;
- She prepares her classes with diligence and most important: she has a very positive and lovely energy and it is simply great fun to work and learn with her.


Tobey T.

New York City, USA


August 2015 ~ January 2017

Jenny Lin is the rare exception among Mandarin Chinese teachers. In addition to being kind, smart, interesting, and always encouraging, she knows how to explain Mandarin clearly, simply, and precisely. She speaks slowly and clearly and can adjust her speed and language to your level. She understands that learning a language is about real, scaffolded practice, and she uses teaching methods that actually work. She can figure out the answer to any question you might have about Mandarin. I could not have become a fluent Mandarin speaker without her. If you want to learn Mandarin, you should learn from Jenny.


Ludovic C.



March 2016~May 2016

I really enjoy learning Chinese with Jenny. Armed with her cute little white board, she is patient and always tries to help you the best she can. Of course that is what you would expect from a teacher but Jenny is really committed to help you and loves observing your improvements. She can speak English but also French, which gave her a deeper understanding of my difficulties since French is my mother tongue. And I guess the most important for me is that she makes the class fun and interesting! She is a little bit crazy and that makes every class enjoyable. One thing for sure is that I am always looking forward to our meetings !


Denis C.

Montreal, Quebec, CANADA


Feb. 2014~ hitherto

I have been studying Mandarin with Jenny since the beginning of 2014. At that time, I had zero experience speaking the language. I could only maybe say "hello" or "thank you". Today, I can ask for directions, go to restaurants, order food, and have basic conversations with people. Lessons with Jenny have always been very practical, focusing on common situations in day to day life in Taiwan. Going to the phone company and asking to get a Taiwanese SIM card and adding internet; going to the MRT station, buying a metro pass, and charging it; going to a restaurant, ordering food, paying the bill, and being able to answer the questions they usually ask; these are some of the things that I can now easily do!


I come from a Taiwanese family, but I was born and raised in Canada. I have been traveling to Taiwan every year to visit my grandmother but I always felt that it was difficult living in Taiwan since I was always dependent on others to get my way around. While there's still a lot of room for improvement, thanks to Jenny's lessons, this is really no longer the case. 


Jenny has a way of teaching that is both challenging yet fun. Whenever I'd have complicated questions for her (the difference between dan shi and ke shi), she would spend a lot of time researching the topic to find the best way to explain it to me. This clearly shows her devotion to the art of teaching. On top of the important lessons on being able to communicate in day to day life in Taiwan, she also taught me many of the local expressions and where they come from. 


If you want to live in Taiwan and get the full experience, I highly recommend studying Mandarin. I am living proof that Jenny's methods work very well. I also must admit that I took near daily lessons with her, and they were intensive. I'm sure she adapts her teaching style according to the learning styles of the students, but for me, the focus was always on speaking and communicating. There were very little lessons on grammar. In fact, she taught me the Taiwanese way of speaking Mandarin, which apparently have grammatical mistakes. She would mention all of this to me, while teaching. Highly recommended!




January - February 2018

Niklaus G.

J'ai eu la chance d'étudier le mandarin avec Jenny à Taipei en janvier 2018. Jenny est géniale. Avec sa grande expertise et son approche positive, les leçons ont toujours été très excitantes. Nous avons beaucoup travaillé sur la base d‘un manuel scolaire. Jenny s’en est néanmoins régulièrement écartée afin de tenir compte au mieux de mes intérêts professionnels et privés. En conséquence, j'ai pu faire de grands progrès en peu de temps. Jenny m'a réellement initié à la fascination de la langue chinoise. Je ne peux que chaudement recommander Jenny à quiconque souhaite progresser rapidement et de manière personnalisée en mandarin. A titre personnel, j'espère bientôt avoir l’occasion de suivre des autres cours sous la direction de Jenny. Merci pour tout!


Ines A.

Barcelona, SPAIN

April 2018

Jenny has been one (not to say the best one,hahaha) of the best Chinese teachers I ever had. I came to Taiwan quite in panic because after having been learning Chinese for years, my spoken Chinese was disastrous. She really helped me improving my level, learn some vocabulary that I needed to better understand and communicate in my everyday life. She also carefully prepared lots of exercises of speaking and grammar for every point or subject I had doubts. 

 She is, not only as a teacher, but also as a friend, one of the loveliest women I have ever met.

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